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John P. Davis, the first lawyer to practice in our office.

Attorney Profile

Jane R. Marsh

Jane R. Marsh, Attorney at Law: Jane received her law degree in 1980 from the University of Connecticut (cum laude). Following graduation, she practiced with her father, Attorney E. Lea Marsh, Jr. until his death in 1996. She is a member of the Connecticut Bar Association, general counsel for the Connecticut Farm Bureau, and municipal attorney for the Town of Deep River. She has resided in Old Lyme for her entire life and has been an elected member of the Old Lyme Planning or Zoning Commissions for 37 years (and counting). She served the region as a member of the Connecticut River Estuary Regional Planning agency for over 30 years.

Attorney Marsh centers her practice around the needs of people in her community with emphasis on efficient and fair resolutions of their problems with the least amount of damage to all of the parties involved.

Staff Members

Tanya L. Young

Tanya L. Young, Receptionist and Office Manager: Tanya Young, mother of Zachary and Nicholas, has been with the firm since January, 2003. Tanya does the bookkeeping and office management. She also is the first contact for Landlord/Tenant matters and is developing her knowledge in decedent's estate settlement and Probate.

Louise C. Cowen

Louise C. Cowen, Real Estate Paralegal: Louise joined Marsh & Bouregy in June of 2004. She was already very familiar with real estate transactions as she had previously been employed by Essex Savings Bank for eight years in the bank's commercial and residential real estate departments. Her job is to assist clients in achieving good results on these important transactions. Louise is also proficient in decedent's estate accounting and documentation.

Louise has lived in Deep River with her family for 24 years and very much enjoys working 'downtown'.

Elaine Haughton

Elaine Haughton, Title Searcher: A resident of Essex, Connecticut, Elaine has worked for the firm for over 30 years. She is a world traveler and an avid skier.

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Joy Davis, from Chester, Connecticut has been a title searcher for the firm for two years.